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FAQ - Coffee-box of the month

How do the coffee boxes work?

We have three different kinds of coffee boxes :

1. Coffee roasted for brew (pour-over or immersion) ;

2. Coffee roasted for espresso ;

3. Coffee roasted for brew and a coffee roasted for espresso ;

Our coffee boxes are sent out monthly and deliver two or three different exciting freshly roasted coffees from international roasters. These are chosen by quality and sustainability. Every month you will get to know two new roasters, and their best coffee at the moment. 

You can choose to subscribe or buy the Month's Coffee Box as a one-time purchase. 

The subscriptions do not have a binding time, but if you would like to change, pause or end your subscription, we must know before the 25th month before. That's about five days before shipping.

We send out the boxes in the first week of every month, whether it's subscriptions or one-time purchases.

How much do the coffee boxes cost?

We always aim to provide as much value as possible in each box.

  • Two different bags of 250g of beans: is 330 SEK (33 Euro) for one time purchases and 320 SEK (32 Euro) for subscribers.
  • Three different bags of 250g of beans: is 460 SEK (46 Euro) for one time purchases and 450 SEK (45 Euro) for subscribers.


We offer shipping for all subscriptions and one-time buys of coffee boxes within Sweden through Postnord. 

Because we are still a small company, and the costs for shipping outside of Sweden are much higher - we must charge a part the shipping fee for the rest of Europe, and we offer the other part. A sum of 1,5 to 7 Euro is charged to cover freight. Check out Shipping for more information. 

All prices are VAT included.


How does it work with the subscription?

Payment is always made in advance for the next month's coffee box.

When you order a subscription, you will pay for your first coffee delivery with your debit card. The same transaction will then be made from this card automatically every month on the 26th.

For example : You orders a subscription for two bags of coffee on the 10th of January. The sum you are paying now is 320 SEK (32 EU). The coffee supply is now paid for and this coffee is delivered to you in the first week of February. On February 26th, 320 SEK will be automatically paid from the same debit card you used on your first order. You've paid this time for March's Coffee Box. 

This way, the payment will continue monthly until the subscription is paused or ended by you. This you can do by creating an account with the same email you used to order the subscription, then accessing your subscription page and there pausing or cancelling. Or simply by emailing us at 

If you’d like to pause or cancel remember to do so before the 26th, since the payment will automatically be conducted on the 26th and it is non-refundable. ( You will then receive super tasty coffee that month as well).

I didn't have any money on the card the date the transaction should be made. Now what?

If the transaction failed, we will automatically send a reminder to your email, and a second attempt is automatically done the new day after. If this also fails, a third attempt will be made on the day thereafter. After the third failed attempt, the subscription will automatically be put on hold.

If this happens, please let us know at and we will figure it out together. If you want to change your card details, you can easily manage this by creating an account on our homepage, see the next question for more info.

How do I manage my subscription?

By creating an account on our homepage, with the same email address that you used when you ordered the subscription, you can easily manage your coffee subscription. You can either pause or end your coffee subscription or update your payment and delivery information.

How easy is it to end my subscription?

It's super easy. You can end at any time before the 26th to cancel the next month's coffee delivery.

After the 26th, your coffee is already ordered from the rosters, so that they can roast, pack and send coffee in time for us. So that we are able to send to you the freshest coffee box at the beginning of the first week every month.

This means that if we haven't heard from you before the 26th, we've already ordered coffee for you, and that's why you're going to have to enjoy our coffee another month.

To cancel the subscription, You can smoothly under your account here on the webshop do this. You can also send an e-mail coffee@swerl.sewith topic "End Subscription" and write to us in the message from when you want this to happen. 

Can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription, for example, if you are going to travel.  You can do this easily in your account with us under "Subscriptions".

Remember, this must be done before the 26th before next month's delivery, so we don't order coffee from the roasteries for you.

If you happen to think about it too late (i.e. after the 25th before next month's delivery), email us at with the topic "Pause the subscription" and if we have not ordered coffee, we can pause your subscription for you.

You pause and manage your subscription easily under your account on the webshop.

When do you send the Month's Coffee-Box and how is it shipped?

We work with a pre-order system for both subscriptions and one-time purchase coffee boxes, and only send them once a month - the first week of each month. 

For example, for the March Coffee Box - we will take orders from the 26th of January to the 26th of February, the coffee is ordered from the roasters and ships out to you on the first week of March. 

We deliver to Sweden with Postnord and to most of Europe with DHL, you will be able to find your country and shipping options here.

We work as efficiently as possible so that all coffee boxes arrive as fast as possible after we have received the coffee from the roasters, however we cannot be held accountable for delays caused by Postnord, DHL or unpredictable events. 

Are you only offering subscriptions?

No, if you do not want to subscribe, you can select the month's coffee box as a one time purchase instead.  This way you can buy one coffee delivery at a time - this is perfect to give away as a gift or to test it. :)

What kind of coffee are you offering in the subscriptions?

All coffee is Arabica and single-origin, roasted by roasters with excellent quality and sustainability in focus. Many of the roasters buy raw coffee directly from producers or work with good importers who do that part for them. All the coffee we're offering is in the higher grade of specialty coffee . 

How do you choose the roasters and the coffee?

We have visited most of the roasters and already collaborated with them at an earlier stage. This means that we know the ins and outs of the quality of their coffee and roast, they have the same standards and values around coffee as we do.

We'll also include new guest roasters in the search for new exciting coffee. These roasters are, of course, chosen with the same care.

Every month we receive samples from the next month's roasteries, and thereafter test and assess each individual coffee through blind cupping and various brewing techniques to finally select the absolute best and most exciting varieties.

Can you grind my coffee?

We only offer to grind coffee for brew coffee (Moccamaster standard), but it is highly recommended that you invest in a coffee grinder to grind the beans yourself.  Coffee is best when it's fresh, and begins to loose taste and aroma after grinding. Another bonus is that you get more parameters to play with, by being able to decide your own grind setting.

For you who still doesn't want to invest in a grinder, we can happily say that we use the Rolls Roy's Rolls of coffee grinders, the Mahlkönig EK-43, to give you as much of a great experience as possible.

However, keep in mind that we have to open the package in order to grind the coffee for you and therefore your coffee bags will no longer be sealed if you choose to have the beans ground.

We do not offer to grind to any other brewing methods due to differences in brewing equipment, technology, etc.  

I didn't get my coffee delivery. What's next?

Coffee delivery should arrive with you sometime during the first week of each month for deliveries in Sweden, and it can take some extra days for deliveries outside of Sweden. If there seems to be a delay with your coffee delivery please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

If your coffee box has come back to us for some reason, such as that it has not been picked up or that the wrong address has been entered, we can send it again but do not stand for the shipping fee.

I got my coffee box, but I didn't like the coffee. What's next?

It hurts our hearts to hear. Most of our time we spend trying to find coffee with extremely good quality for you, but of course we understand that the taste for coffee is very personal and that we all do not have the same preferences.

We still recommend that you try changing your brewing recipe, such as grinding the coffee coarser or finer, testing different brewing techniques or changing the temperature of the water you brew with. All the coffee we offer is very freshly roasted to give you the best coffee experience. We ourselves think that the coffee is at its best around 2 weeks after roasting (this applies if you have got your coffee in beans and not already ground). So, if you're not completely satisfied with your coffee, try waiting a few days to try again.

For coffee that is already ground, feel free to brew it as soon as possible for the best experience.

If it feels like you have difficulty brewing the coffee correctly, check out our brewing guides here or feel free to contact us on instagram or at for more brewing tips.

Unfortunately, we don't accept returns on coffee and if you really don't like your coffee, maybe there's someone else around you who can appreciate it. In most cases, really nice coffee never goes wrong.


I really liked the coffee you sent me. Where else can I get?

I'm so glad to hear that. Sometimes we have ordered some extra coffee that we sell in our webshop, otherwise we strongly recommend shopping directly from the roastery and in this way you can support them!