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About us

Swerl is a micro roastery inspired by the art of great coffee and connection to one another.


- New Zealand,  2018

Beatriz, with a background as a sommelier and Daniel, with an aircraft technician past, were both looking to start a company together. With an open mind and a year to explore New Zealand, they were hoping to find their dream idea there. 

Unexpectedly, they came across specialty coffee and like many out there, were completely amazed by it and the friendly community that specialty coffee is.

It was somewhere at that point that they realised that this was the direction they were looking for. 


- Falkenberg, Sweden 2019

Swerl was born 2019 in an own built rolling coffee-bar in a Mercedes bus from 1972 stationed by the beach in Falkenberg during summer time. This journey was started serving coffee from some of the best Swedish roasters such as Koppi, Drop and Morgon. Always with a focus on quality and traceability. 


- Lisbon, Portugal 2019/2020

At this point Swerl was still a summer-driven company, and during the winter of 2019/2020 Beatriz and Daniel travelled to Lisbon, where Beatriz is from, to work with specialty coffee and keep on learning. Here, they worked at Buna and had the chance to work closely with Nomad Coffee. 

The pandemic hit in early 2020 and they went back to Falkenberg, without knowing if they would be able to open Swerl again for the summer season. 


- Falkenberg, Sweden 2020-2021

Despite only being a summer rolling coffee-bar at this point, Swerl kept on focusing on specialty coffee and growing from a team of two to a team of five during summer time. 


- Falkenberg, Sweden 2021

With a vision of one day pursuing a roasting path, there was a chance to purchase a 15 kg Giesen in second-hand in 2021. With a roasting machine in place, Daniel got great use of his technical skills and it took Swerl a year to be completely happy with the roasting knowledge. 


Falkenberg, Sweden early 2022

With new branding in place, designed in collaboration with Andreas Pedersen, Swerl launched its own roastery. 

With more control over the whole chain, the decisions are made based on how Swerl can continuously have a positive influence while creating a traceable and qualitative product. 

Working with passionate and dedicated coffee producers, and following the coffee season to always deliver vibrant and delicious coffee. 

Protocols for sourcing, sampling and quality control are developed, as to be keep on improving consistency and quality. 


Falkenberg, Sweden 2023

With the roastery organically growing and expanding, Swerl moved into a bigger roasting atelier. This has given space for a better work flow at the roastery and purchase of new equipment such as a colour sorters, that sorts quakers, burnt beans and broken beans.


We are very happy that Swerl is now featured and served in coffee-shops worldwide.  We hope to keep on improving and sharing seasonal coffee with you. 


Thank you for making our dream come true.

/ Beatriz & Daniel