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The Brew Journal Recipe [Torch Dripper] : Las Lajas

I’ve had the pleasure of brewing the Costa Rica Black Honey process from Las Lajas roasted by Swerl! What I love about this coffee is the clarity in the cup, despite it being a black honey process! I got a beautiful balanced cup with a nice body to it, and deep notes of blackberry and vanilla. Perfect for a cold autumn morning! This coffee was so good I had to share it, so my recipe today is for a total brew volume of 400 ml. I used a Torch Mountain Dripper which is my go-to brewer for bigger recipes. It provides a relatively fast draw down and rarely chokes, and it really brought out the beautiful sweetness in this coffee!...

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The Brew Journal Recipe [April Brewer / Kalita] : La Guaca

Hey everybody! Håkan from The Brew Journal here, today I’m going to share my recipe for La Guaca from Swerl using one of my favourite brewers: The April Brewer.

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