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The Brew Journal Recipe [V60] : Kelloo Uraga

The Brew Journal Recipe [V60] : Kelloo Uraga

Hey everyone, Pierre here from The Brew Journal! Today we’re brewing this delicious Ethiopian gem.

The coffee is a washed process Ethiopian from the Guji region - which means a juicy brew with with notes of fresh peach, lemonade, bergamot, and nectarine. Fun fact, a coffee from this Guji region was my first real mind blowing coffee experience back when I just getting started in coffee. Why not blow your friends minds in the same way by brewing them a cup of this Kelloo Uraga from Swerl!

For this recipe I’ve used a porcelain V60. This coffee is very dense, so in order to extract all the sweetness and juiciness out of this coffee, I’ve ground very coarse and done many pours. Here’s my recipe 👇

Dose: 25g

Grind Size: Very Coarse - 34 clicks on the Comandante

Total Brew Volume: 400g

0:00 - Bloom your coffee with a 50g pour

0:30 - First pour of 70g (to 120g)

1:00 - Second pour of 70g (to 190g)

1:30 - Third pour of 70g (to 260g)

2:00 - Fourth pour of 70g (to 330g)

2:30 - Fifth and final pour of 70g (to 400g)

The target brew time will be around 4:00 to 4:15. This sounds a lot, but since you have a coarse grind this is fine. I found this recipe to really open up the coffee and bring forward the juicy peach and bergamot flavours.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this delicious coffee! Happy Brewing!

/ Pierre Tymms



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