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The Brew Journal Recipe [Kalita #185] : El Rubí

The Brew Journal Recipe [Kalita #185] : El Rubí

Hey guys, this is Håkan from The Brew Journal! 👋

I got the chance to play around with El Rubí using my stainless steel version of the Kalita!

This is washed variety blend consisting of Castillo, Caturra and Colombia, produced by the El Rubí community in Planadas, Tolima.

Now, I’ve used the Kalita 185 as I think that it gives a reasonable bed depth when using doses of 20g +. I also tried different recipes, but I find that this one provided me with more sweetness and less nutty notes, giving clear notes of red apple, brown sugar and a coating mouthfeel.

Now let’s get into the recipe:

Coffee: 20g (ground on 20 clicks with Comandante)

Water: 300g(96 °C)

0:00 - 0:05

Add 60g of water aggressively and let sit for 45 seconds

0:45 - 01:10

Add water with a slow and controlled pour until you reach a weight of 140g

01:30 - 01:55

Add the remaining water, once again slow and controlled until you reach 300g of water. No swirling!(’’Swerl’’ing on the other hand is always allowed 😉)

Target brew time: 3:00 min

TDS: 1,44 ≈ 20% extraction!

As I always do with my home brews, I’ve filtered my Stockholm water through BWT jug, this time giving me a hardness of 98 ppm.

There we have it, that’s how I got the best results with El Rubí using the Kalita!

Happy brewing!



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