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Origami Dripper - Dark Blue size S

Origami Dripper - Dark Blue size S

Origami Dripper - Dark Blue size S

425 kr

We love Origami Dripper because of the flexibility and control you get when you brew it, which may have given us one of the better brewed coffees we have drunk. Something that makes it so flexible is that filters from Origami, Kalita, Fast and Hario fit this dripper. Four different styles of filters that give you completely different end results in the cup.

Origami Dripper is made of Mino porcelain - one of Japan's most prestigious ceramic art with more than 400 years of history. The design team behind the product worked with several fantastic baristas and developed this perfect shape - the 20 ribs create air channels and make the brewing smooth and free from clogging, which in turn gives you full control over the drip speed.

Let your creativity flow and choose your favorite ... is it dark blue, green, pink, yellow or light blue?

This dripper can brew up to 1-2 cups, do you want a larger Origami to have the opportunity to brew more coffee? Then check out Origami Dripper 2-4 cups.

Filter & Origami Dripper Holder

We recommend that you use Hario 01 filters or Kalita wave (155) filters for daily use.

For more comfort and stability, there is a stylish holder for Origami Dripper that is compatible with most coffee pots on the market. This is also available in our webshop - Available in wood or plastic. Note: This holder is not included with this product and need to be purchased separately.

What to think about

Origami Drippers are manufactured in a handcrafted way, which means that small brands can be created during the process. For example, small bulging marks or small scratches. None of these will affect the quality or result of the product during brewing.

Product information

Material: Ceramic (Mino-yaki).

Size: Φ115 × H70 (drip hole: Φ25)

It can be washed in the dishwasher.

Handmade in Japan.