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Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee Press

350 kr

Delter Coffee Press is innovative, portable and super easy to brew with.

It provides a coffee with an elegant and complex profile, similar to what you get from brewing with traditional pour-over like the Harios V60. With the help of a Delter Press, you can more easily achieve a good cup of coffee with each attempt.

Why Delter?

Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee equipment to use "Injection Brewing". It works by showering hot water over the ground coffee under pressure, this gives more control and a more stable result time and time again.

Delter Coffee Press has been designed to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems of all time: agitation (ie moving coffee in hot water which is inevitable in most brewing methods)

Uncontrolled agitation creates bitterness in the coffee and inconsistent extraction.

Delta's unique Jet-Seal retains water and ground coffee in two separate chambers, which prevents uncontrolled stirring.

The water's contact with the coffee takes place when you create pressure on the inner tube with the help of your hand, so you can have control over water flow and stirring. You get a cup of coffee that has more clarity and less bitterness with a lot of sweetness and fullness.

Product information

Material: BPA-free plastic

Brewing capacity: Just over 30 grams of ground coffee, i.e. up to 2 cups of finished coffee.

Dimensions: H 160mm x W 63mm

Filter: Comes with 100 paper filters. Aeropress filter fits when you need more.