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[ODD B] Casa Almeida Barreto Espresso - Brazil

[ODD B] Casa Almeida Barreto Espresso - Brazil

[ODD B] Casa Almeida Barreto Espresso - Brazil

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Welcome to the Odd Bean collection. This project started from the idea of wanting to find a home for all the beans in our roastery that are waiting for someone to enjoy them. At the end of every week, we end up with small batches of leftover coffee beans that are carefully packed and willing to wake you up in the morning.

This is one of our ways to pursue a no-waste lifestyle and to give a longer life to the so-called odd beans. <3

Earliest roast date: 01.05.2023


Elegant with a silky body and notes of chocolate milk, nougat and hazelnut. A comforting and cozy coffee.


Origin: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Producer: Casa Almeida Barreto
Elevation: 1200 masl
Variety: Red Catuai 
Process: Natural
Roasted for: Espresso




We are excited to start a partnership and directly purchase coffee from Casa Almeida Barreto, a family estate focused on the production of the best specialty coffee and wine from Brazil.

The house relies on an incredible team with extensive background and education in agronomy, oenology and fermentation techniques, logistics and international commerce, business, and big data, to deliver a delicious and worthy experience.

With a scientific and artisanal approach towards production, they continuously research  terroirs and develop methods that can better express each variety and achieve great results in our beverages.

This year was particularly good for coffee production. Despite being quite intensive, the rains from the beginning to the mid-season provided good nutrition for our plants, ensuring good quantity and quality of production.

An extremely dry end of the season, with hot days and cool nights, allowed the perfect maturation and drying of our coffee, keeping both sugar and acidity high.

For the past years they have been improving fermentation and drying methods to better maintain the aromas and taste from the cherries, while exploring different profiles. Using the stainless-steel tanks and technology from the wine facilities ,they were able to better control fermentation of the coffee, bringing up interesting notes.

If you'd like to know more about these exceptional producers, check them out here