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Welcome to the January coffee-box

Welcome to the January coffee-box

2022 is finally here, with that comes a little hope that life may return to somewhat normal again. 

To celebrate new begins, we have partnered up with two new roasters that shows us how being new can mean making things differently, for the better.

Rozali, founded in Berlin by David Rozali in the middle of a pandemic, demonstrates a quality, resilience and a down to earth attitude not found in many. While Tane Coffee Collective from Leuven, a cooperative founded by six very different individuals shines a light on how one can do business as a collective, roasting beautiful and bright coffee. 

Click the links bellow to access the giving interviews with the roasters as well as extra information about the coffees, and how to best brew them.

- Rozali

- Tane Coffee Collective

As always, if you would need any extra advice on brewing or would like to tip us about a roaster you'd like to see in a coming coffee-box, we would love to hear from you at coffee@swerl.se

Have a great January.

Beatriz & Daniel