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Serving jug Kinto OCT - 600 ml

Serving jug Kinto OCT - 600 ml

325 kr

Do you need a jug to brew in and serve your freshly brewed coffee from? Here you have an elegant and heat-resistant glass carafe to use at all times. It has a shape that is durable and easy to clean, but above all an opening that fits most pour-over brewers. It can withstand heat up to 120 ° C and can be washed in the dishwasher.

It can be used very well for your cold drinks as well.

This holds 600 ml and is suitable for 1-4 cups, if you want a smaller one there is also a variant of this that fits 1-2 cups. Then check out kinto OCT Jug 300 ml.


φ95 x H115 x W145 mm / 700 ml


Heat-resistant glass
Maximum temperature difference: 120 ° C / 248 ° F
Withstands microwave and dishwasher
The mark on the jug is the reference point for 300 ml and 600 ml