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Hand brewing tips and tricks

Here we thought we would start writing about hand brewing, give some tips and what equipment is required to succeed.Compared to a classic electric coffee maker, with manual brewing you will get many more variables to play with and thus get more flavors out of the coffee and the ones you really want. By adjusting the temperature and how you pour the water over the coffee, you can adjust and optimize your brewing according to your preferences and which beans you use.However, it requires a little patience to succeed and some equipment needs to be purchased. But the reward is great - we promise! Below we will describe how we do it and give some tips. But first we start...

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How you can brew a better cup with your electric coffee brewer

There are so many different ways to brew coffee, so we thought we start by giving some tips about brewing with a method that most people have access to at home and use daily - an electric coffee brewer.Advantages: very flexible, not much equipment is needed and can brew many cups at a time.Disadvantages: not as much control as manual brewing, most coffee makers cannot set temperature, but should be between 92 and 96°c. Many coffee makers also have a tendency to only shower out water in the middle of the coffee bed (which contributes to a hole/pit that you can see after brewing) where the coffee has been over-extracted, creating bitter notes. At the same time as the coffee...

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