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Standart Magazine #22 - Coffee Magazine

Standart Magazine #22 - Coffee Magazine

150 kr

Standard - a magazine about coffee culture for everyone who loves coffee

Reading Standard is a bit like visiting your favorite cafe and entering into an exciting conversation about everything from coffee to life at large. Coffee is no longer just a refreshing drink, coffee is starting to look more like a unique and enriching avenue that gives us access to discover the structure of our world.

Standard builds bridges with this magazine to reduce the gap between those who work in the coffee industry and those who just love coffee and the culture behind it.

Whether it is historical, sociological, scientific or cultural, Standart's goal is to publish high quality content that touches on large and complex themes with precision in a beautiful aesthetic.

This 144-page magazine is written in English and contains exciting articles, stories and interviews.

We will offer you a coffee sample of 30g from one of our favorite roasteries.Brew it with care, sit down in a comfortable armchair and dive deep into the world of specialty coffee.

Issue 22: Napkins, glitter, and coffee

Standard Issue 22 enjoys an undeniable theme of animals. In these isolating times, people perhaps more than ever have turned to pets to satisfy many of the social joys usually inspired by interactions with friends, family, colleagues, and their fellow citizens.

We explore whether Kopi Luwak coffee can be ethical; how the modern allongé is perhaps the fruitiest espresso you can taste with Scott Rao; and passion’s path to coffee with Kenji Kojima or Fuglen Coffee.

Learn about the history of cat cafés and what their popularity can tell us about the way we live in the city; how farmers are producing small lots of specialty in Typhoon-threatened Japanese islands; and what Lima’s contemporary coffee scene offers the specialty connoisseur. "