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Prolog - La Indonesia, Colombia - Espresso roast

Prolog - La Indonesia, Colombia - Espresso roast

99 kr

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- Punchy and fruity with tones of guava and strawberry daiquiri -

Producer: Juan Angel & Gabriel Torres

Origin: Nariño, Colombia

Height: 1800 masl;

Variety: Bourbon;

Process: Natural;

Roasted by: Prolog from Copenhagen 

Roast date: 26 August, 2021 

Roasted for: Espresso

Amount: 250 grams coffee beans



When the brothers Juan Angel and Gabriel Torres team up, the coffee is usually extra successful. With their own farm, La Cafelina and La Indonesia, which together measure about 13 hectares, they grow Bourbon together with several fruit trees to create a controlled and more protracted ripening process but also to preserve the soil quality, which is very important for the brothers. Juan Angel explains: “Fertilization takes place four times a year, twice with fortified fertilizer and twice with organic compost and humus. The most important challenge is to preserve the layer of organic matter in the soil, which is achieved by chopping weeds between coffee trees.

The farms were part of the family legacy, which came through his grandfather Marco Antonio Torres. The family's history in coffee is long, with Marco Antonio as one of the first to grow coffee in La Union more than 80 years ago. They also have a middle brother, Frank Rivas Torres, a trained Q Grader who helps with quality control and gives advice on trends in the coffee market.

The natural process for this batch begins with 100 hours of anaerobic fermentation for the coffee berries in small batches of 60 kg. This fermentation is done in tanks that are kept shaded in to avoid high temperatures and sun exposure. After the sugar content has been measured at 3.5 degrees Brix, the coffee berries are dropped and moved to a covered patio. The coffee berries are dried here for 30 days and moved regularly to ensure even drying, until the humidity is measured at 10.5–11%.

Nariño is one of Colombia's 32 counties that share a southern border with Ecuador and is home to thousands of small-scale coffee-producing families. Colombia's three mountainous areas of the Andes converge in Nariño and present ideal heights and fertile soil for tall Arabica production.