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MAN VS MACHINE - KELLOO HARU, Ethiopia - Omniroast 250g

MAN VS MACHINE - KELLOO HARU, Ethiopia - Omniroast 250g

MAN VS MACHINE - KELLOO HARU, Ethiopia - Omniroast 250g

160 kr

- A gorgeous elegant Ethiopian coffee with tones of black tea, peach and floral notes and creamy mouthfeel - 


Country: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Producer: Haru

Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1800 masl

Variety: 74112, 1377 

Roasted byMAN VS MACHINE, Munich

Roast date: 26th October, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter & Espresso / Omniroast

Amount250 gram coffee beans



Haru is a small family-owned farm and washing station in Yirgacheffe. It showcases the very unique potential of farming at scale in Ethiopia, and of producers who own the means to process coffee. The family process their own coffee and also buy and process cherries from 453 local farmers. 

Coffee cherries are harvested by family members, then hand-sorted to remove unripe and overripe cherries before they are delivered to the washing station for processing. Afterwards the coffees are washed in channels, and graded in water by density. The lower density (lower quality) will float and are removed, leaving
only the denser and therefore higher quality beans which are separated as higher grade lots. Parchment is then soaked in tanks in clean water for 6-12 hours before it is moved to the drying tables where it is dried on raised beds in the sun for 12 - 15 days.

Three generations of producers have a hand in producing this coffee, with layered florals of orange blossom, tea-like character and great clarity.