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[ODD B] La Carmelita - Colombia

[ODD B] La Carmelita - Colombia

[ODD B] La Carmelita - Colombia

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Welcome to the Odd Bean collection. This project started from the idea of wanting to find a home for all the beans in our roastery that are waiting for someone to enjoy them. At the end of every week, we end up with small batches of leftover coffee beans that are carefully packed and willing to wake you up in the morning.

This is one of our ways to pursue a no-waste lifestyle and to give a longer life to the so-called odd beans. <3

Earliest roast date: 01.05.2023


Tasting like ripe forest berries, milk chocolate and honey. Winey mouthfeel with some booziness and very sweet. 

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila, Suaza
Producer: Finca La Carmelita
Elevation: 2000 masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Natural
Roasted for: Filter


This lovely natural processed Pink Bourbon is produced by Tarciso Gonzales in his farm Finca La Carmelita in the Suaza area. Tarciso bought his farm when he was a young man and him and his family were pioneers in coffee cultivation in the area. Now in his 70's, Tarciso is still very passionate about producing coffee. 

For this specific lot, the coffee cherries are carefully handpicked at peak ripeness and laid out to dry in the sun, allowing the sugars in the fruit to infuse into the beans, imparting its distinct sweetness and complexity.

What stood out to us in the cup was the distinct notes of ripe berries that linger throughout the whole experience. 

This coffee was sourced through our partners at Plot Coffee, who collaborate with the small family owned Cuatro Vientos exporting company. This is a young specialty coffee exporting enterprise from Neiva in Huila, Colombia, founded in 2018 by brothers Yonatan and Julian Gonzalez. Driven by their pursuit of connecting roasters with farmers from their region, their mission is to make excellent coffees from Huila available worldwide.