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Coffee-box of the month

Coffee-box of the month

330 kr

This coffee-box is created for coffee-enthusiasts by coffee-enthusiasts. It is for you, who constantly wants to discover new roasteries and test their most exciting coffee in an easy manner. 


- Roasters for the November coffee-box: MAN versus MACHINE from Munich and Tree Marks Coffee from Barcelona - 

 The coffee-box does not only come with the tastiest specialty-coffee from these two roasteries, it also includes a little reading such as interviews and brewing tips that is posted on our website during that month. You will get the chance to get to know the people behind the roasteries and get an insight on how the coffee was produced.

Hang with us to get the chance to try coffee from Friedhats, Coffee Collective, Right Side, Five Elephant, Koppi, Nomad... Yes of course, the best Europe has to offer!

All the micro-roasteries we choose stay within our framework of what we consider to do a really good job when it comes to the choice of beans and the quality of their roasting and have a positive impact on the coffee industry as a whole. We test and evaluate their entire range and only select our absolute favourites for this month's coffee-box.


This is how easy it works: 

- Choose how you'd like the roast of your coffee beans: filter or espresso 

- Choose how much coffee you'd like 2 or 3 different coffee-bags with 250g each month.

- We can also grind the coffee for filter if you wish.

- You can choose to subscribe to get a new exciting coffee-box each month or you can purchase a one-time box for yourself or to give away as a present without subscribing. (If you want to give away the coffee-box as a gift we can send a personal note to the lucky one - you can easily write your greeting when you go to checkout)

- The month's coffee-box will always be delivered the first week of the month directly to your post-box.

(All coffee that you will get is specialty coffee and single-origins, that is, each individual coffee is of very high quality where the flavors reflect the origin of the beans and the journey they made to reach your cup).  


Shipping within Sweden is included in the price. In order for you to receive your coffee in the first week of October, we need to have received your order no later than 25th of October. The planned date for dispatch of the November coffee-box is Monday the 1st of October.

You can pause or unsubscribe at any time. In order not to get coffee for the next month - remember to do this through your account before the 25th.