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La Bonita Java - Colombia

La Bonita Java - Colombia

La Bonita Java - Colombia

270 kr

A delicate and juicy experience with tropical notes of lychee and guava. Floral and candy-like.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Producer: Finca La Bonita
Elevation: 1400 masl
Variety: Java
Process: Anaerobic fermentation in bags for 40 hours; Natural.
Roasted for: Filter



We can present you with one of the most exciting coffees in our selection at the moment: an incredibly well processed anaerobic fermented and dry-processed Java from Rogelio Espinoza and his wife Leidy Espinosa at their farm Finca La Bonita. 

Since the couple bought the farm 4 years ago, they have invested in growing and processing solely the two high performing varieties Java and Geisha. The incredibly small size of the farm is only 2 ha allows them to have full quality control of production and truly invest in these nano-lots.

After highly selective picking, the cherries are first anaerobic fermented in bags for 40 hours, and then dried in a drying patio for 15 days.

The fermentation technique only brings about an extra fruitiness and sweetness to the cup, with a very delicate and floral experience remaining. 

This coffee was sourced through our partners at Plot Coffee, who collaborate with the small family owned Cuatro Vientos exporting company. This is a young specialty coffee exporting enterprise from Neiva in Huila, Colombia, founded in 2018 by brothers Yonatan and Julian Gonzalez. Driven by their pursuit of connecting roasters with farmers from their region, their mission is to make excellent coffees from Huila available worldwide.