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Fellow Carter Everywhere - Coffee Thermos 355 ml

Fellow Carter Everywhere - Coffee Thermos 355 ml

430 kr

We have searched with a magnifying glass and flashlight for a thermos that not only keeps the heat but also has a large enough opening to brew directly in. Now it's done, this thermos from Fellow has everything we are looking for.

'Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug' is also really nice to drink directly from, with a thin edge reminiscent of a Cabernet wine glass makes it really comfortable to drink from while it helps that the coffee's aromas are delivered directly to your taste buds to increase the sensation.

Unlike a classic steel thermos, this is made with a ceramic inside that keeps the coffee fresh and free from odours, oils and the taste of "old coins".

Skip a step and brew directly into the thermos - with an opening of 69 mm, this thermos is compatible with most brewers, such as V60, Origami, Diamond Dripper, AeroPress and Delter Coffee Press.

The thermos' outer casing is made of two layers of insulated stainless steel which together form an inner wall of vacuum and keep the hot drink warm for up to 12 hours and the cold drink will stay cold for up to 24 hours.

What more is required of a thermos? Well, yes ... It has a quick removable lid that guarantees your bag dry and with a 270 ° spin on the lid, you have the taste of coffee in your mouth in no time.

This thermos comes in a light blue durable color.

Capacity: 355 ml

Weight: 325 grams

Measure: 132 mm high. 85mm diameter outer dimensions, 69.5mm diameter inner dimensions.

Material:18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and a steel lid, ceramic inner cas