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elbgold - La Pachuca, Costa Rica - Omniroast 250g

elbgold - La Pachuca, Costa Rica - Omniroast 250g

elbgold - La Pachuca, Costa Rica - Omniroast 250g

165 kr

- A flavourful and funky coffee with intensive tones of cherries, dark chocolate and candy -


Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu, Valle de Dota

Altitude: 1800 masl

Producer: Roberto Mata Naranjo

Process: Juicy Honey Fermentation

Variety: Red Caturra

Roberto Mata enjoys to experiment with new types of preparation in order to create even more exciting coffees. Its latest highlight: Juicy Honey Fermentation. To do this, the cherries are peeled and fermented in their own mucilage plus the pulp of another lot for 120 hours. The result is what feels like twice as sweet and fruity coffee that tastes like red grits, white lemon balm and rock candy.


How to brew it? Ready or not, here comes a real flavor explosion: LA PACHUCA – Juicy Honey.

As a filter coffee we love all the different options. The Hario V60 for instance: 15g coffee (medium fine grind), 240ml water (94°) and a contract time of 2:30 – 3:30 minutes.

As an espresso set up, we start with 18g VST portafilter for a double shot in our La Marzocco. Here we use a little more coffee (18,5g) and a duration time of 28 seconds for again the output of 40ml.


Roasted by: elbgold from Hamburg

Roast date: End of November, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter / Espresso

Amount250 gram coffee beans