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Drop Coffee Roasters - Ana Sora, Etiopien - omni roast 250g

Drop Coffee Roasters - Ana Sora, Etiopien - omni roast 250g

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-  A round, sweet, well-balanced coffee with a complex acidity. You can find tones of clementine, blueberry mousse and jasmine - 

Producer: Israel Degfa, Ana Sora farm

Origin: Guji zone, Yirgacheffe, Etiopien

Height: 1900 – 2350 masl 

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural - dried during 30 days


Roasted by: Drop Coffee Roasters

Roast date: 28 July, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter and Espresso (Omni roast)

Amount250 gram coffee beans


Ana Sora is a privately owned farm located at no less than 2350 masl in the famous Guji region of Yirgalem. The extreme height contributes to the complex acidity found in this coffee, which is balanced with a lot of sweetness, which comes from a longer drying time. This may be the highest processed coffee we have ever drunk and we have Israel Degfa to thank for that. Up at 2350 meters above sea level, it is difficult to take the picked coffee to another processing station, so Isreal undertook to build its own washing station with drying beds, all the way up in Ana Sora.

Drop Coffee has worked for six years with Ana Sora and Israel Degfa. After Israel took care of Joanna after she fell ill during a trip to Ethiopia, they have been a close-knit team and visited each other annually. Joanna has been able to follow the development of the farm from an early stage, to today having one of the most advanced and quality-focused process stations in all of Ethiopia - which really gives results in the cup.

Israel was born on a coffee farm near Sidamo, Yirgalem, and his parents both made a living from coffee, albeit in different ways. His mother sold coffee at the bus station and his father was a farmer. This is where Israel found its love of coffee. Today, Israel is 32 years old and has run the farm for 6 years. He does not spend all his time developing delicious coffee but fights hard to get other fellow human beings out of poverty with the help of coffee. Israel provides financial support to schools and teaches how to produce coffee in a sustainable way.