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Doubleshot - Kagaa, Kenya - Filter roast

Doubleshot - Kagaa, Kenya - Filter roast

99 kr

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- A sweet and juicy cup of floral aroma, notes of blackcurrant and elderflower -

Washing station: Kagaa

Origin: Muranga, Kenya

Height: 1630-1850 masl

Variety: SL28, SL34

Process: Washed


Roasted by: Doubleshot from Prague 

Roast date: 25 August, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter

Amount: 250 grams coffee beans


You can find Kagaa station in boroughs of Kahuro, Mugoiri in the very well known region Muranga at the altitude of 1630-1850masl. Doubleshot discovered this newly opened station through their friend (and our friend too) Per Nordby, a green coffee importer from Sweden. He went to Kenya and lived at the Kagaa station with his family throughout the harvest season. Doubleshot was delighted that they managed to buy three microlots form there (AA, AB and PB). The station received an export license last year so these microlots are only the second harvest they have produced. Kagga buys coffee from 609 farmers (409 men, 200 women). Only three men work at the station during a year. Twenty people get hired for the harvest.