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Doubleshot - Imbachi, Colombia - Filter roast

Doubleshot - Imbachi, Colombia - Filter roast

99 kr

140 kr

- Plums, tropical fruits, lemongrass -


Producer: Carlos Imbachi, Buenavista

Origin: San Augustin, Huila, Colombia

Height: 1500-1900 masl

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed


Roasted by: Doubleshot from Prague

Roast date: 25 August, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter

Amount: 250 grams coffee beans


With his wife Yolanda and five children, Carlos has been growing coffee for more than 27 years. This experience has given him several titles, such as SCAA of the Year two years in a row. Their farm Buenavista is located 1800 meters above sea level near the city of San Augustin in southern Colombia. With an area of 4.5 hectares, the family grows the caturra variety, which thrives very well in the local climate. Due to specific weather patterns in southern Huila, farmers can harvest ripe coffee berries year-round. During the year, Carlos and his family can produce up to 17 tons of coffee from their 30,000 coffee-tree bushes.

This is the 10th year in a row that Doubleshot collaborates and annually visits the Imbachi family. With other coffee-growing countries, only one purchase per year is standard, but the Huila region is specific to its climatic conditions, allowing Doubleshot to buy coffee throughout the year from Buenavista. This microlot has the typical taste profile of the best Huila coffee. The aroma and taste are dominated by tropical fruits, plums and panela with a hint of nut chocolate.