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19grams - Sonora L9 - 15 capsules Nespresso® compatible

19grams - Sonora L9 - 15 capsules Nespresso® compatible

120 kr

Specialty coffee in a Nespresso compatible capsule

- Medium espresso roast with a balanced aroma, little acidity and notes of caramel, milk chocolate and red plums


Farm: Hacienda Sonora

Location: Central Valley, Costa Rica

Coffee Farmer: Diego Guardia

Altitude: 1300 m

Variety: L9

Processing: Natural

'Natural' means that after harvesting, the fully ripe coffee cherries are spread out on the patio with their skins, including their pulp, dried by the sun and then sculptured. During this process, the coffee beans absorb the full sweetness of the fruit. 


Roasted by: 19grams

Roasted for: Nespresso machines

Amount: 15 capsules 

We recommend the Lungo button on your Pods machine, because the capsule contains more coffee than others.

About the producer and his farm: 

Alberto Guardìa has been growing coffee for over 50 years. His family farm - with the melodious name Hacienda Sonora, is located on the fertile foothills of the famous Poas Volcano in Costa Rica's West Valley. It is largely surrounded by pristine virgin forest. The preservation of the rainforest is very important to the Guardìa family. Therefore, they simply let it grow and in it their coffee plants. The coffee trees ripen excellently under the protective roof of the shady trees: they receive enough moisture to develop optimally. As a source of energy for the entire finca, a Pelton turbine is used, which is driven by the water power of a stream. This raging, beautiful body of water supplies the entire finca with '100% Green Energy'. 19grams have known the Guardìas for a number of years now and are delighted to have met such an exceptional family who grow unique coffees every year with savvy and love for nature.