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19grams - LA GRANADA, Colombia - Filter roast 250g

19grams - LA GRANADA, Colombia - Filter roast 250g

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- Complex and full-bodied with tones of passionfruit, chocolate cake and spices -


Producer: Finca La Granada

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Height: 1620 masl

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: 90 hours prolonged fermentation


If you would like to know more about the people who roasted this beautiful coffee - click the link bellow! 


Roast date: 21 juli, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter

Amount250 grams coffee beans


In 1990, Colombia opened its doors to the international economy. Domestic manufacturers across the country were hit hard as a large number of products were forced to start competing in the market with cheap foreign imports. This situation was very difficult for several coffee producers around Colombia, such as Don Gabriel Castaño who for a while had to change his coffee production to cocoa.

Everything changed when he discovered the Pink Bourbon coffee, which was not very well known at that time. Fascinated by the color of the seeds, he planted this variety on his 2-hectare farm finca La Granda, in the Huila area, and discovered that the plant was very rust-resistant. From this discovery, he decided to replant completely - with success! His plantation and the quality of his coffee provided him and his family with a secure financial income.

Gabriel and his wife Carmen today have six children - four daughters and two sons - five of whom have followed in their parents' footsteps and become coffee producers themselves. Even though Gabriel is getting older and can no longer drink coffee, for health reasons, he says he would not change his life with anyone. He has planted 8,000 trees during his lifetime and made himself known throughout the municipality as "Mister Pink Bourbon". He revived this type of coffee in the region by sharing plants with neighbors.

Once in the harvest, the berries for this coffee are carefully selected by hand when they are perfectly ripe. Gabriel then allows the coffee berries to ferment in tanks for 90 hours. The beans are washed and then dried for 15 days. The result is a delicious coffee with impressive flavors and aromas.