Copy of Our coffee bar: Let the good coffee roll

When the sun and heat find Falkenberg, our coffee bar does the same. A light blue Mercedes bus from 1972, which in a previous life was a post van, now fulfills its biggest mission to date - as a rolling café.



This is not just any rolling café, here you will find a mix of what we think is best in life:

A variety of coffees roasted with care by ourselves directly from our small coffee roastery in Skrea, which all show different characters - from flirty and fruity to elegant and floral. Graded as specialty coffee, always by origin and season is how we like our coffee - it best expresses the terroir, processing and roasting of each coffee.

We offer espresso from our Sanremo Cafe Racer together with a Mahlkonig e65s gbw grinder. Filter coffee brewed from a 3Temp Hipster or with different hand brewing techniques, which we grind with a Mahlkonig EK43. These machines and equipment make this bus a playground where we have the opportunity to experiment to get the best drops out of every little bean.

For coffee, we serve our own pastries and sometimes other goodies from local producers, such as the creamiest gelato from Getty Pop. Everything at Swerl is gluten-free and made with the tastiest ingredients we can find.

Do you prefer your diet completely herbal? Feel free to let us know before your visit, so that we have something exciting to offer you as well.

- Opening hours a week -

Tuesday - Sunday 09.00-16.00

Closed between 12.00-13.00

Hope to see you!

/ Daniel & Beatriz with the Swerl gang