Timemore Slim Plus - Manual grinder

Timemore Slim Plus - Manual grinder

1 345 kr

Available from the 15th of November.

Plus means - that this slim model has been given even better conical burrs than its predecessor: a couple of conical E&B (Espresso & Brew) burrs , which will provide you with a balanced and well-defined cup from the finest to the most coarse position.

Timemore delivers a hand-grinder in really good quality that will probably hang around you for the rest of your life. In contrast to the popular Timemore Slim, here comes the big brother Slim Plus with the upgraded burrs, which allows you to grind evenly and effectively for all the brewing methods.

We've tested a bunch of different hand-grinders and, after a few months of using Timemore Slim Plus, we have come to the conclusion that it is probably not possible to find a better piece of equipment in this price range. It's got most of what we're looking for:

- Comfortable to hold, ability to grind very fast without major effort. You can grind around 25 grams of coffee in under 30 seconds.

-Easy to adjust the grind size and it grinds the beans surprisingly even in each adjustment, from the finest setting (e. g. espresso) up to the most coarse (eg; French-Press).

-It's sturdy, but it's still portable and easy to take on an adventure. A bonus is that it fits in an AeroPress.

-Has enough capacity to grind coffee for two-three cups. Holds between 25 and 30 grams each at a time, depending on which beans are used.

-Nice design and built with high quality materials.

In other words, we can proudly recommend this grinder for its high quality and value-for-money.

Can grind everything from espresso and mokapot to the french-press and Chemex.

The grind setting is adjusted with the help of a wheel at the bottom of the grinder.

By twisting the wheel, you
adjust the lower burr tighter or closer to the upper burr. By counting clicks from the finest setting and upwards, you can adjust your grinding, which gives you plenty of room to play around the grind setting. For espresso, about 8 clicks, and for pour-over around 16 clicks. For more information about setting up for various brewing methods you can find a little guide with your grinder.

The only downside we see with this grinder is that it has a little too few adjustments in the finest spectrum, which means that it does not really suit you who wants to have many adjustment opportunities for espresso.

The Timemore Slim Plus comes together with a cloth bag to keep the grinder secure while on the move, a brush for cleaning and a user manual.

Product Description

Model: Timemore Slim Plus

Capacity: 25-30 g in each charge (depending on the beans and roasting)

Size: 175 mm x 45 mm

Weight: 595.5g

Grinder's material:

Stainless steel and aluminum, with a cranktop in black walnut, which in turn is connected to the crank with a powerful magnet.

38 mm conical burs in stainless steel.

What is included:

Timemore Slim Plus x 1

Vessel-keeping bag x 1

Cleansing brush x 1

Manual x 1

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