Timemore Black Mirror Scale - Kaffevåg

Timemore Black Mirror Scale - Kaffevåg

710 kr

Timemore Black Mirror is a beautiful and affordable scale that is a great investment for the coffee lover who wants to take his brewing to the next level. Here's a quick and smooth scale with timer that works just as well for espresso as pour-over.

This scale is very accurate and contains a 0.1g sensor. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 10 hours of brewing before it needs to be recharged. Easy-to-read LED-illuminated display that makes it easy to brew even in darker conditions.

It is scratch resistant and resistant to water, which means that even the clumsiest will feel good about this scale - but beware of the small charging port that does not like getting wet.

We have tested many different scales and started in the more expensive range, what we got were lots of features we had no direct benefit from. What we are looking for in a scale is primarily that it should be easy to use, always provide high value, wear resistant, be rechargeable and have a reasonable price.

Product description

Battery: up to 10 hours; Rechargeable

Weight: 355 grams

Maximum weight: 2000 g

Dimensions: W: 13cm x L: 15cm x H: 2.6cm

Readability: 0.1 g

Display: LED touch sensitive

Measurement units: g / oz

What is included?

Timemore Black mirror scale x 1

Heat resistant silicone mat x 1

Charging cable x 1