Sibarist FAST Coffee Filter

Sibarist FAST Coffee Filter

130 kr

Grind size, water temperature, brewing equipment ... How often do you think the filter you are using can change the end result on your brew?

It was not something we thought about so often until we brewed with Sibarist FAST filter for the first time. This filter is produced in Barcelona with a unique build-up of Abaca fiber.

The filter adds no paper taste and provides an increased flow rate of 15-40% faster brewing time compared to a traditional Hario V60 filter. This allows us to grind our coffee considerably finer and get more out of the coffee we brew, with a full body without having to be surprised by off over-extracted flavors.

- 25 filters in a resealable packaging that ensures optimal filter storage.

-With a great focus on traceability, these filters are 100% organic and made in Barcelona of Abaca fibers, cellulose fibers and polylactic acid (plant-origin, organic source).

-Suits all V60-shaped drippers like Hario 02, Origami S and M, Diamond drippers.

You will get very different results with this filter when you use different brewers. With an Origami, you will be able to grind even more finer than, for example, the Diamond dripper, given their different design changes the flow rate through the filter significantly.

So dive into your home lab to discover how much difference a filter can make to your cup of coffee!