From 1,5 EU for shipping our coffee-box outside of Sweden!

Coffee-Box of the Month

Coffee-Box of the Month

325 kr


Here comes a rocketship sent with freshly roasted coffee from the best roasters around Europe.

This coffee-box is curated for the coffee-lovers by coffee-lovers. It is for you who constantly wants to discover new roasters and drink their most exciting coffee without having to constantly search for it. 

- We'd like to proudly welcome April Coffee Roasters from Copenhagen and DAK Coffee Roasters from Amsterdam to July's Coffee-Box -

You can choose to purchase this month's coffee-box for yourself or give it to someone else without subscribing.
If you choose to subscribe, you will get to know two new roasters every month and enjoy their best coffee (plus some small surprises from time to time). :)

You will, amongst others, get the chance to try coffee from 19grams, Hola Coffee, Keen, Five Elephant, Drop Coffee Roasters ... Yes of course, the best Europe has to offer!


All the micro-roasters do an amazing job when it comes ot the choice of beans, quality of roast, and of course strive to have a positive impact on the coffee industry as whole. We test and evaluate the entire range and select only our absolut favourites for the month's coffee-box. 


Choose to have your coffee beans roasted for brew or espresso.

All coffee is specialty-coffee and single-origins, that is to say, each coffee is very high quality and the flavors/aromas reflect the origin of the beans and their journey to reach your cup. 

The month's coffee-box is sent out the first week each month to your mailbox containing your choice of: two or three different kinds of coffee, each individual kind comes in a bag of 250 g. 

If you choose to receive the box with three different coffees, you will also be able to try our third favourite coffee from one of the two roasters. 

Just relax on the couch and let us do the work. All you have to do right now is choose whether you want your coffee for brew or espresso, and how many bags of coffee you wish per month. After that just start getting your brewing equipment ready. 


August's Coffee-Box Line Up:

Drop Coffee Roasters from Stockholm, Sweden and 19 grams from Berlin, Germany.


Shipping is included in the price for orders in Sweden, outside of Sweden from 1.5 to 7 euros . In order for you to receive your coffee in August, we need to have received your order by 25th of July. Planned shipping date is Wednesday, 4th of August.

You can pause or end your subscription at any time before the 25th. In order to not receive coffee the next month, remember to pause or unsubscribe before the 25th through your account.