Diamond Dripper - Glass

Diamond Dripper - Glass

560 kr

This new Diamond hand-brewer from South Korea became love at first sight for us at Swerl, not only for its aesthetics but mainly for the brewing result and the flexibility to be able to brew with a faster filter. See our new "Fast filter" from Barcelona, ​​also our regular Hario V60 filter size 02, which fits perfectly in this 60 ° brewer.

The name "Dripper Diamond" comes from the geometry of its wall in the form of convex diamonds. This form allows the water to be in longer contact with the coffee and provides a smoother circulation as it flows through, which in turn provides a better extracted coffee. The ceramic construction provides a stable thermal support which retains heat well throughout the extraction.

The smoothly removable wooden ring is included and can not be in contact with water.

This model is also available in black or white ceramics.


Dripper: Brand: Lobby 539

Materials: Glass and holder in wood

Capacity: up to 4 cups

Weight: 345 grams

Filter: It has the same shape as the Hario V60, so Hario filter size 02 fits perfectly or Fixed filter for those who want to experiment with finer grinding to extract new flavors.

'Lobby 539' is the name of a secret café in Artworks Korea located at 539 Cheonggyecheon-ro. This café is a creative space that constantly investigates and develops coffee products with a desire to create a design that conveys comfort, relaxation and harmony for the five senses.

The brand "Lobby 539" creates innovative quality products with a desire to create and offer a new way of life .