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HAYB - Finca La Senda, Guatemala - Omni-roast

HAYB - Finca La Senda, Guatemala - Omni-roast

155 kr

- An intense, complex and tasty coffee with tones of strawberry, pineapple and Madeira wine -

Farm: Finca La Senda, Acatenango, Guatemala
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process:Carbonic Maceration - 260 hours

Roasted by: HAYB, Warsaw

Roasting date: April 22, 2021

Roasted for: Brew / espresso

Amount250 grams of coffee beans

The farm Finca La Senda is located near the beautiful and active volcano Acatenango. Run by the family Arnoldo Perez, Maria Eugenia and their daughter Yancy.

Although the family has built their own process station and entered specialty-coffee as late as 2017, they have been coffee growers for a long time and have coffee trees as old as 50 years. 

With the movement towards specialty-coffee, they have managed to grow and process coffee in a very exciting way, which has given a final result with a very unique and incredible coffee.

'In the first year, we did 120 microlots alongside our main lots to try out the different processes. Our consultant helped us with the best practices; We just pushed them to the extreme. We came to the conclusion that is the the right direction for the coffee from our farm.'

Feel free to check out their Instagram @fincalasenda and give them some love.