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Coffee Collective - Buena Vista, Bolivia - Filter Roast 250G

Coffee Collective - Buena Vista, Bolivia - Filter Roast 250G

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- Full and fruity coffee with a winey acidity. Aroma of chocolate, rum raisins, plum and candied orange -

Producer: Rodriguez family

OriginCaranavi, Bolivia

Height: 1500 - 1700 meter above sea level

Variety: Catura, Typica, Catuai

Process: Coco Natural.


Roasted by: Coffee Collective.

Roast date: May 22, 2021

Roasted for: Brew

Amount250 grams of coffee beans

Family Rodriguez, Father, Pedro, Son Pedro Pablo and daughter Daniela owns a farm consisting of seven different plots.

The family continuously makes a great work to lift the quality of special coffee in Bolivia. They process this coffee on the nearby mill called Buena Vista.

With a tight co-operation with Coffee Collective, the family gets a premium price for its coffee (417% over market price) and can therefore continue to develop the farm and thereby improve the quality. The Rodriguez family's latest large investment is in a coco dryer to process their coffee in a more controlled way.

The idea behind Coco Naturals is to dehydrate the cherry instead of just wiping it. The process works so that the coffee berry is dried on raised beds during a special UV filter shadow the first few days and then they finish in Coco Dryers for a slow and consistent drying. This gives a very juicy, sweet and complex coffee.