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Bonanza, Costa Rica, Finca El Dolphin - Omni-roast - 125 grams

Bonanza, Costa Rica, Finca El Dolphin - Omni-roast - 125 grams

85 kr

- Full-bodied and juicy with sweet tones of pineapple, medjool dates and maple syrup-

From: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Producer: Mauricio Jimenez
Variety: Red Catuai
Process: Yellow honey

Roasted by: Bonanza, Berlin.

Roast date: 29 MAR 2021

Roasted for: Omni-roast (Suitable for brewing as well as for espresso)

Amount: 125 grams Coffee beans

This year, Mauricio, who runs Finca El Delfin, decided to produce his coffee as a yellow honey, leaving 10% of the pulp on the beans and then letting them dry in sunlight. The increased level of residual fruit drives Finca el Delfin's already complex flavor profile to a new level with a lighter stone fruit-like character. 

Mauricio's constant development and determination in producing this amazing coffee makes a big impression in the final cup.

This coffee is one of our personal favorites of everything we tested from Bonanza and was one of those coffees that qualified in the April coffee box.