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April Coffee Roasters - Arsosala, Ethiopia - Espresso Roast 250G

April Coffee Roasters - Arsosala, Ethiopia - Espresso Roast 250G

170 kr

- Summery coffee with tones of candied citrus, peach, bergamot and jasmine -

Producer: 1200 small farms

Origin: Arsosala Village, Uraga, Guji - Ethiopia

Height: 2000 above sea level

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Washed


Roasted by: April Coffee Roasters

Roast date: June 22, 2021

Roasted for: Espresso.

Amount250 grams of coffee beans

Arsosala washing station was founded in 2015 and collaborates with about 1200 small farms in the immediate area. Uraga is part of the Guji zone that has a rich history in coffee production and coffee from this region is known to be juicy, vibrant with very sweetness. Coffee here is grown on very small farms less than 1/2 hectares each on average, making it difficult to have more traceability than at the level of washing station, which applies in most of Ethiopia.  

The farmers from these farms pick their coffee berries and deliver these directly to arsosala washing station when they are most mature, well in place to take away the pulp and let them fermented overnight. Then you wash the coffee beans to then ferment them again, this time in water for 8-16 hours, before finally washed again. The coffee can finish drying 9 - 12 days before reaching the desired humidity level, which depends on how much sunlight is available.