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Februari - Månadens Kafferosterier: Rum Baba & Kafferäven

February - Coffee Roasters of the Month: Rum Baba & Kafferäven

Posted by Daniel Carlsson on

We are approaching that time when the February coffee box will soon be shipped out, and we will also offer coffee bags from these two fantastic roasters, Rum Baba and Kafferäven, in our webshop. But who are they really?

The first time we came across Rum Baba was when we walked around the streets of Amsterdam in search of Amsterdam's best coffee. After crossing one of all the thousand channels, we saw a sparkling coffee-bar that we had previously only seen through instagram. Even with far too much caffeine in the blood, the attraction was too great to resist entering.

Once we stumbled into the coffee-bar, we were met by a really lovely guy who presented himself as Mordy. He was about to close but took the time to brew us an absolutely fantastic espresso. He was super knowledgeable, and guided us through the best filter coffee Rum Baba had at the moment to offer. We brought with us some coffee that was processed in an anaerobic way, and you can imagine, we became completely sold! Just such a meeting we had with Mordy makes us very grateful that we came in for coffee from the beginning.


(Picture of Mordy from Rum Baba)

We just could not forget Rum Baba after tasting their coffee and a few months later we got in touch with Jeroen, the owner, to talk a little more about their micro roastery.

Rum Baba started as a small coffee shop in Amsterdam a few years ago by Jeroen and his partner Lusan. They had traveled around New Zealand and were completely amazed by the coffee culture there and thus decided to take a small piece of it home to Amsterdam (which reminds us of our own journey to Swerl).

They started by bringing in coffee from various roasters, but the interest in roasting was still there. Carefully, they began to roast for their own use to the coffee-bar and over time, a full-scale roastery developed.

Jeroen tells us that sustainability is an important part of the roastery's mission, and that he both imports the coffee himself or works with importers who also reflect his values. Depending on the conditions, they always choose the approach that is most sustainable.

We ourselves think that Rum Baba is characterized by their specific choice of coffee and funky roasting style - we love the playful and the unique flavors that come out when we brew their coffee, "Wow, it's a bit like a disco in the mouth" - classic Beatriz quote. :)

The other roastery you will get to know is Kafferäven from Gothenburg. This wonderful roastery is run by Per Nordby in an industrial building in the Old Town.

We have collaborated with Kafferäven for two years now -the time goes fast when you have fun and that is exactly the feeling you get to experience during a day at the roastery with Per and his beautiful gang. From ping pong match to long green beans like the ship's from Nicaragua to sofa hanging where new exciting coffee is always served roasted with high precision. At Kafferäven's roastery, you rarely get bored and rarely go a day as fast as it does here. Per has many years in the industry and is full of knowledge that he is happy to share. The kindest in the world with a big fox behind one ear. (Of course you could have been a paid advertisement but no).

Kafferäven works with "direct-trade", which means that they import coffee directly from the country of origin on their own. They work for a more sustainable relationship with their producers and exporters, who over time have also become their friends. By trying to maintain a good relationship year after year, greater financial stability and security at all levels can be created, Per explains.

Right now, Kafferäven has an exciting project with a producer in Kenya, named Kibet. Kibet wants to build a process station on its own farm, which is common in Costa Rica, for example, but not at all in Kenya. In order for him to be able to invest and build drying tables and other infrastructure, it has a harvest currently drying on the tables pre-booked and already prepaid.

"It is great to be able to help develop and support our partners of origin. They are, like us, small business owners and when we stick together we become strong."

Soon you can pre-book the coffee from Kibet in their webshop. So keep an eye out there!

We are big fans of Kafferäven, which is why we are proud to present them as the second roaster in February's coffee box.

For those of you who have ordered the Coffee Box of the Month you will get to know Rum Baba and Kafferäven even more, very soon! Hope you enjoy their coffee as much as we do!