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Maj - Månadens Kafferosterier Del 1: Nomad Coffee Roasters

May - Coffee roasters of the month Part 1 : Nomad Coffee Roasters

Posted by Daniel Lars Jonas Carlsson on

Legendary Nomad Coffee Roasters from Barcelona started with a simple little coffee-cart on the streets of London in 2011.

Jordi Mestre born and raised in Barcelona, moved to London after he graduated as a designer in Elisava. Well in London, his plans changed when he discovered a world of specialty coffee that he couldn't resist.
For two years, Jordi managed to get experience from the very best coffee shops in London, which gave him the courage and economy to put together a small coffee-cart that he named Nomad. He rolled into London's most legendary markets on the weekends to serve the people coffee that he rotated from the finest rosteries of London. Nomad's signature then was the same as it is now, humble, with respect for the producer and careful attention to detail throughout the entire chain of production.

Experience opens new doors ...

After Jordi was able to take Spain's National Barista Championship in 2012, he got offered his first job as a roaster at Nude Coffee Roasters in London, where he gained experience for a year. Jordi managed to bring home the victory in the Spain's National Barista Championship again the year after and because of that got the honour to represent Spain in the World's Barista Championship that took place in Australia. By then the homesickness was big. 


" The come back home syndrome : I have a theory, if you are from Barcelona, you always want to go back home. The truth is that the London was very interesting in terms of specialty coffee, but my hometown was a blank canvas on this subject. I wanted to take all that knowledge I, in London and start a coffee scene in Barcelona. " - Jordi Mestre

Jordi sold his coffee-cart to open the doors to its first own café in Barcelona - Nomad Coffee Lab. The only items on the menu was really good coffee, and with that had the first flag for specialty-coffee been raised in the Catalan capital. 

Nomad got his first employee that summer, Fran González, who got taught as a barista and and then helped to roast. Today, Fran is a part owner of Nomad, and spends 120% of his time looking for the best coffee around the world by visiting the origin of the coffee, among other things.

The Jordi's objective with Nomad has always been to bring coffee closer to the public and to create a greater interest in specialty coffee. In less than four years, Nomad has managed to create roasteries, cafés, shops, training programmes and cooperation networks with other cafés across Europe, which has helped Nomad to grow on an international scale. 

Today, Nomad is a gang of 20 passionate individuals and their coffee is served all around the world, something that Jordi only dared to dream about when he sold his first coffee 10 years ago on the streets of London.


We at Swerl discovered Nomad for the first time when we were working as baristas in one of Lisbon's absolute best cafés, Buna Specialty Coffee Shop, where we only served coffee from Nomad.
We became incredibly fascinated by the quality of their coffee, but something we never experienced from a roaster was the commitment of Jordi Mestre and the desire that the coffee we served would be brewed with the utmost care.

" Training has always been important from day one. However I can say that the more we grow the more we invest in training. It is very positive for the company and for the people, you can see the results almost straight away. "  - Jordi Mestre

The Nomad's efforts to ensure that their coffee is taken care of with the passion in each hand in the production chain contributes to the little extra in the cup. Something that we can present with joy and pride in May's coffee-box.

The coffee-box is shipped in the beginning of May, and there you will get the chance to try our favourite coffees from Nomad, and as well as the best from HAYB, an upcoming young roastery from Warsaw. Get your May's coffee-box here! :)