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Juni - Månadens Kafferosterier Del 1: Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters, Helsingborg

June - Coffee roasters of the month Part 1: Koppi, Helsingborg

Posted by Daniel Lars Jonas Carlsson on

Koppi, Koppi, Koppi...  So many great things to write about this roastery, so where do we start?

Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters was founded back in 2007 by the coffee-loving couple Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand. This was a time when not many Swedes knew the expression specialty coffee. But even before that, both Charles and Anne had managed to win the Barista SM and gained experience from a roastery and cafe in Oslo for two years. For 10 years, they ran their café with roastery Koppi in the middle of Helsingborg in Sweden, which attracted coffee enthusiasts from all over the world.

When the pressure for exporting their coffee became too much, the Lunell Nystrand couple decided to close down the café and focus solely on the roastery, which today is located in a solid old industrial premises just outside Helsingborg. Today Koppi exports 90% of their coffee to much of the world and even if you are on the other side of the world you hear the biggest coffee geeks say: "Wow, so you are from Sweden, the best coffee I ever tried was from a Swedish roastery named Koppi".

And that's exactly how we discovered Koppi for the first time - from a cafe in Wellington, New Zealand. Already there was no doubt that a collaboration with Koppi would take place when we came back home to Sweden. When we contacted Anne, we were very pleasantly surprised by her warm and humble welcome, just what we were looking for when we were about to start up our business. We met Anne a couple of times, where she enriched us with knowledge of everything from the water build up to brew a perfect cappuccino.

Even back then we understood that their coffee was amazing but today having the knowledge that we have one of the world's best roasters so close, makes us feel sort of spoiled. But what is it really that is the secret of Koppi's unique taste profiles and to be able to continuously deliver such a high quality?

Could the answer be Anne and Charles's long-standing experience combined with their long collaboration with a few farms? Already at an early stage Koppi began to trade green coffee directly from the producer with a drive to the coffee would reflect as much of the origin as possible. Koppi was thus able to establish a stable relationship with the producers and therefore offer them financial security, while together gradually increasing the quality of the coffee.

In the beginning, they worked towards establishing a working relationship with five producers in Costa Rica. Anne explains how rewarding it is to follow the development of these hardworking and quality-focused farms. "We visit them annually to socialise with the families, see their progress in the farms and choose which micro-lots to buy."

With a great focus on origin, you will in June get the chance to get to know Koppi and their finest coffee, which is always delivered with hearty punch and finesse. Along with good company from their friends in Copenhagen, Coffee Collective June coffee-box will have that little extra.