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Bättre kaffeindustri = Bättre kaffe?

Better coffee industry = Better coffee?

Posted by Daniel Carlsson on

We think drinking better coffee can create a better coffee industry.
This may seem like a big statement and, in a way, it is. But why is this so important to us?
We love coffee, and we're guessing the same goes for you!
That is precisely why we want to see the coffee business grow on a positive and more sustainable future - as a bonus, we dare to promise that we will all get higher coffee quality in return. It seems to us like a good trade.
To understand a little bit about the current situation of the industry, we need to look deeper into some challenges posed by the coffee growers.
Among them are major economic uncertainty being caused by a large proportion of low coffee prices and climate change affecting their harvest. Infrastructure such as roads is also rudimentery and politically the situation in many of these countries is unstable.
Other than that, their personal investments are huge. It takes about three or four years for a coffee tree to yield a harvest, and through that earn an income.
You see, it's not easy being a coffee-grower today. Many growers choose to leave the coffee business for other crops or jobs that make it possible for a more stable income.

But the future of the coffee is thankfully not yet lost.
There are people who struggle daily to create better conditions in the coffee sector, such as coffee centres, importers / exporters and roasters.

Some people do everything from important research to create more resilient coffee trees to provide training in productive cultivation practices. Others, by creating durable relationships with the coffee grower and paying more or more, or rather, a fair price for their coffee.
It's amazing how it is a circular system.
The better conditions we create, the better the coffee industry will flourish and the better the quality of the coffee will be.

Through economic sustainability, growers have the chance to invest back in their farms and be equipped with better tools, broader knowledge, more affordable working conditions and more financial sustainability.
The positive effect for the local community can also be increased tenfold by creating, for example, several jobs or the investment in local education.
The high coffee quality and the positive effect that will be is something that is very important to us when we choose roasters and the coffee we choose, when we really believe that this makes a significant difference.

The goal of our coffee subscriptions is to give you the opportunity to taste beautiful coffee roasted by people who share the same values as we do. Simple, but still so great.

Sustainability in the coffee industry is a subject that we want to be able to explore in depth and something that we hope to follow up in a later entry.
So keep tuned!

(The picture is taken by Elizaveta Maximova, Cafe Sin Mentiras.)