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April - Månadens Kafferosterier Del 2: KAWA

April - Coffee Roasters of the Month Part 2: KAWA

Posted by Daniel Lars Jonas Carlsson on

KAWA - which was used in ancient times as a name for the beverage 'coffee', and it was just that that Alexis Gagnaire thought when he started his roastery two years ago, a name that had a strong recognition factor and was easy to remember.

However, we do not think that is the whole truth behind why KAWA from Paris has made a breakthrough so quickly and strongly in the market and is now among the foremost in Europe in specialty coffee. More speaks for their well-selected beans from exciting countries with experimental processing methods, which in turn represents them in an exceptionally good way with a careful roasting to bring out the most beautiful flavors.
For three years, Alexis and his business partner lived in London, where they discovered and thrived in a world full of specialty coffees. When they returned to Paris, they were surprised that their hometown, full of gastronomy, completely lacked good coffee. They both saw their chance and were motivated to change this catastrophe.
A ride to Colombia, gave birth to KAWA, through providing them with a broader understanding of the origins of coffee and leading to their first direct collaboration with a farm they liked - Granja la Esperanza, which KAWA works closely with even today.
KAWA has since worked its way up at an awfully fast pace of finding the best beans around the world and now has a direct collaboration with a number of really good producers.
Alexis is proud to announce their new project in Ecuador with Juan from Hacienda la Papaya. Hacienda la Papaya is considered one of the best farms in the world and Alexis got the chance to meet Juan and try his coffee. Which led to KAWA being able to buy everything directly through him as well as coffee from producers around his farm.

Alexis explains that he feels privileged even in a stressful time like this, with Covid-19. Hel oves his job and is driven by getting up in the morning to try new coffee with his young and passionate team and constantly improve the roastery and KAWA as a whole. Hisv ision with KAWA also makes it easier to stay positive, to constantly build relationships with farms and work together to develop experimental processes is what keeps KAWA and the team motivated. We also want to continue to discover new origins, new flavors, new fermentation processes and meet other passionate coffee producers - says Alexis.
In the long run, KAWA wants to democratize specialty coffee and the main focus is to choose the best coffees from around the world to showcase the different flavors you can find in coffee.
KAWA has recently worked hard to present the positive with experimental coffees, and demonstrate the importance of fermentation in coffee to prepare the future of coffee with global warming. Fermentation is a way to maintain high quality with resistant varieties.

Alexis life is not just coffee, he also has an almost equal interest in music. With a couple of friends, he has started a record company that you can check out here if you want.

He also invites you here toa French classic that he himself loves to drink his coffee to. :)

If you want to get to know Kawa more and try their unforgettable coffee - check it out April's coffee-box. There, Kawa will join Bonanza, which in contrast is one of Europe's oldest specialty coffee roasteries.