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April - Månadens Kafferosterier Del 1: Bonanza, Berlin

April - Coffee Roasters of the Month Part 1: Bonanza

Posted by Daniel Lars Jonas Carlsson on

Bonanza: a situation that creates a sudden increase in happiness. The sentence matches the roastery incredibly well, as it is exactly the feeling we get at the first sip of the coffee that we drink from Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin.

But to explain how Bonanza is what they are today, it requires us to go way back in time, all the way back to 2006 when specialty coffee was a more or less unknown expression in Europe. A visit to a café in London was the start of the big change for Berlin and Germany's coffee culture. The then artist, Yumi Choi, experienced coffee for the first time as it should taste and she has explained the experience as having previously been blind and now again able to see. Here after, there was no turning back, a "regular" coffee could no longer be drunk.

Once back in Berlin, Yumi and her business partner Kiduk Reus, a designer with a keen interest in food and drink, discovered that this coffee could not be found in Germany. Which in turn led them to make a lot of journeys across the Atlantic where the movement had already taken off - surrounded by high-quality coffee and knowledge, they were taught everything from roasting to brewing with precision.

Their fascination with coffee, and a strong quest to erase the German idea of what coffee could be, led them to decide to open up their first café named Heroes on Oderberger Straße in Berlin. The first year they were helped to roast their coffee by a nearby roastery, named Einstein, in order to finally be able to finance their first own roasting machine. A 3 kg Probat machine that had to work extremely hard in its 5 years - which in the end could be up to 60 batches per day.

Today, Bonanza is spread out in three places in Berlin and sends its famous coffee around the world. Their journey has led to Berlin's coffee scene exploding over the years and today is one of the best cities in the world to visit to discover really good coffee. Hard competition has contributed to where Bonanza is today - the pioneers in Berlin who still set standards and strive for the little extra.

"Our passion, drive and curiosity for coffee is unnecessarily intense. This is also why the quality of our roasted coffees is so outstanding, since we are always stretching the possibilities to achieve the best results. New coffee origins, processing or brewing methods is what excites us. All our actions have the goal to improve the taste of the final cup of coffee".

Kiduk and his passionate team have the motto to always strive for better, some call it perfectionism, those of us who drink the coffee call it pure happiness.

If you want to get to know Bonanza and their coffee more, check out April's coffee-box, where pure happiness will be offered. :)