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MOK - Lorena, El Salvador - filter roast 250g

MOK - Lorena, El Salvador - filter roast 250g

MOK - Lorena, El Salvador - filter roast 250g

165 kr

In this coffee you can expect notes of red plum, lime and cane sugar



CountryEl Salvador

RegionSanta Ana

Producer: Renato Arturo Romero, from Finca La Lorena

Process: Natural

Variety: Pacamara


If you would like to know more about the people who roasted this beautiful coffee - click the link bellow!

MOK Coffee Roasters

Roast date: 28 sep, 2021 

Roasted for: Filter

Amount250 grams of coffee beans 


Finca Lorena lies in the foothills of El Salvador’s Santa Ana volcano, in the fertile Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range. It is owned and managed by Renato Arturo Romero Silva, whose family has been farming at Finca Lorena for three generations. Renato inherited the farm (and much of his vast coffee knowledge) when his father – also Renato Auturo – passed away in 1990.

Although El Salvador is a small country, it was once the 4th largest coffee producer country in the world and continues to produce very high quality lots, with varieties that are specific to the country. The variety Pacamara actually had its origin in El Salvador.

The warm days and cool nights create the ideal microclimate for growing dense, sweet cherry. Combined with Renato’s focus on quality-oriented processing, this Natural Pacamara lot is clean and fruity with a rounded sweetness.

Renato seeks to farm in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. He uses the very minimum of chemical fertilisers and herbicides on his farm and enriches his soil with organic matter (composted by-products of processing, like Coffee cherry pulp) to ensure his trees have all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. The farm also collects its own rainwater using tanks and drainage channels.

 " 95% of the coffee grown in El Salvador is shade grown. This allows for slower cherry maturation, leading to an enhanced cup profile. Shade cover diversifies the ecology and likely increases soil health as well as simulates sugar storage in the seed much in the same way a higher altitude would. "