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[ODD B] Finca La Increíble - Colombia

[ODD B] Finca La Increíble - Colombia

[ODD B] Finca La Increíble - Colombia

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Welcome to the Odd Bean collection. This project started from the idea of wanting to find a home for all the beans in our roastery that are waiting for someone to enjoy them. At the end of every week, we end up with small batches of leftover coffee beans that are carefully packed and willing to wake you up in the morning.

This is one of our ways to pursue a no-waste lifestyle and to give a longer life to the so-called odd beans. <3

Earliest roast date: 01.05.2023


Tropical and funky with notes of passion-fruit, papaya and lime. Refreshing. Kefir and jasmine in the background. 

Origin: Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Producer: Finca La Increíble
Elevation: 1950 masl
Variety: Castillo
Process: Esperanza process which entails 48h aerobic oxidation in bags, 48 hours anaerobic fermentation; dry-processed. 

Roasted for: Filter


Finca La Increíble is owned and runned by Norman and Irma Eusses that have known each other since the late 70's. They first started with an introduction to specialty coffee in 2015 when Nikolai (a friend of Plot Coffee, whom we source this beautiful lot from) visited the farm. 

Besides beginning to focus on quality practices such as harvesting when fruit was ripe, they also started to develop their own unique coffee processing techniques in order to enhance cup quality. 

After many trials of washed coffees, honey processed, naturals, oxidation, fermentation and mixed processing techniques, the Esperanza process was created:  48 hours of oxidation in plastic bags and then 48 hours of fermentation in closed barrels.

It was found that oxidation brought about more fruitiness and intensity, while the fermentation increased the phenolics, tropical notes and gave a light florality. 

Through increased profits, Norman and Irma were able to increase their standards of living and support their family, as well as providing jobs for their family members. 

Plot Coffee, whom we source this coffee from, purchases the entire production from the Eusses every harvest which motivated three of Norman and Irma's children to be part of this incredible project too.