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Producer profile: Victoria Aguirre

Producer profile: Victoria Aguirre

Origin: Honduras 

Region: Campanario, Masaguara, Intibuca 

Producer: Victoria Aguirre 

Altitude: 1800 masl  

Variety: Red Catuai  

Process: Washed 

Cherries are harvested completely ripe and depulped the same day they are collected. Coffee is fermented from 30 to 36 hours, depending on the climate. After that, it is dried for 20 days in solar driers to reduce moisture down to 11%. 


Victoria began to grow coffee in 2012, starting by growing small areas which she tried to manage with the best practices, fertilizing her coffee, and performing weed control and pest control.

Since then, she focused on improving the quality of her coffee and that was followed by increasing productivity, as she was able to buy more land.

Victoria is very engaged in her community, and some years ago began teaching other young women coffee farmers on how they could too grown ecological high-quality coffee. 

She also spent five years leading the local women’s agriculture and research group. Together, the women work to solve their farming challenges, breed better crops, and find better ways to bring their harvests to market.

Today, thanks to Victoria’s mentorship, a new generation of women in her region is growing sustainable coffee, earning better livelihoods for themselves and their families.