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Producer profile: Uraga Raro Washing Station

Producer profile: Uraga Raro Washing Station

Origin: Ethiopia 

Region: Uraga, Guiji

Producer: Uraga Raro Washing Station in collaboration with around 450 farmers

Altitude: 2470 masl  

Variety: Wolisho & Dega  

Process: Anaerobic fermentation, Natural 

In a small hill that has great sun exposure but remains cool partially because of the astonishing altitude of 2400 masl, is where 452 farmers grow the varieties Wolisho and Dega that are used in this coffee. In average, each tree here produces 3 kgs of cherries, with the help of the rich and fertile red soil in this semi-forested area.

After picking the ripe cherries, farmers from the Raro village deliver the ripe cherries at the wet mill, where cherries are sorted in a floating tank.

This unique process starts with the cherries are taken to African drying beds where they are put inside plastic bags and left to ferment for 48 hours. Here the natural fermentation breaks down the sugar in the coffee cherries, producing lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other unique flavour compounds.

While fermenting the bag is opened fully for one hour per day to avoid formation of fungus.

Proceeding the fermentation, the cherries are taken out of the bags and dried openly on raised African beds for 15 days.

The Uraga Raro Washing Station is owned by SNAP Coffee Exporters and even though around 1500 farmers delivery coffee to the washing station, coffee from only 452 farmers was chosen to undergo the anaerobic fermentation process.

SNAP Coffee was established in 2008 and runs three different coffee washing stations and partner washing stations, where the Uraga Raro Washing Station is included.

With the support of SNAP Coffee, the washing stations have been able to build better infrastructure in the communities, such as schools, health clinics and roads.